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With this form of long-distance communication (which is similar to videoconferencing), an interpreter can almost simultaneously bridge the language gap between two or more people.

This is the usual approach for business discussions involving no more than four people, trips abroad for one or more people, meetings, business lunches, delegations, trade fairs and similar occasions.

With this approach, the interpreter sits or stands next to the client and whispers what is being said into his/her ear almost simultaneously.

This is a common approach for meetings and interviews. The speaker talks for a short while then leaves a gap for the interpreter to translate what has been said.

This interpreting technique is used at conferences and conventions where some or all of the members of the audience do not speak the same language as the speaker. The interpreter sits in a booth and translates the speaker’s words as they are being said.

We can provide tailored support and hire specialist equipment and systems for events such as conferences, conventions and congresses.
One of our professional technicians will always be present to ensure that hired equipment is working properly.

Contact us! We can discuss your specific needs together and find the ideal solution. Book an appointment and one of our technicians will visit the venue to assess the conditions and select the most suitable equipment.

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