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10 2017

SB Traduzioni enters the world of architecture

SB Traduzioni participated actively realizing the exhibition “Architecture and marble: synergy between material and ingenuity. Hossein Amanat and Fariborz Sahba: structural spirituality”. It was held at the Palladio Museum’s International Architecture Study Centre (CISA) in Vicenza from 20th October to 19th November 2017 (see pictures below: Silvia Boschiero with the reknowned architects Hossein Amanat and […] […]

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04 2016

New website

SB Traduzioni has given itself a makeover and presented a website with a brand new look. […]

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06 2015

Publication of a book about “Alto Vicentino Hospital”

A book about the “Alto Vicentino Hospital” has been published. It contains interviews with the Directors and the Heads of the Departments and Services and it presents the architectural aspects of the hospital while also giving an overview of the departments and services. SB Traduzioni was responsible for the English translations. […]

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