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As a certified translation centre, we can guarantee:

We can provide the following services:

The procedure for “sworn translations” involves going before a notary or a court officer and swearing that the translation accurately reflects the source text, thus ensuring that it is legally valid.
Sworn translations are used when foreign documents (such as chamber of commerce certificates, contracts, legal and notarial deeds, qualifications and documents from registers) have to be presented to Italian authorities or Italian documents have to be presented to foreign authorities.

This is the process of certifying a document so that it is officially recognized by the legal system in a foreign country. It normally involves going through diplomatic channels.
Documents are legalized after the translations have been sworn in a court or at an embassy (for a visa).

Translations can be adapted to cater to the target market.

This process involves putting the content of verbal communications (such as videos) into written form.

This procedure involves meticulously comparing a source text with the corresponding translation and ensuring that it is 100% faithful and accurate. At the beginning, the quality of the translation will be assessed in order to establish whether it is possible to proceed with the revision or it is best to start the whole translation process from scratch.

Localization means adapting the contents, communication approach, graphics, scripting and formatting of a translation in order to cater to the target market of the product in question.

We can use dedicated email addresses and our telephone lines to carry out your everyday international communication work, acting as an outsourced export department.

We can find direct clients, distributors, retailers, representatives and suppliers in your target markets.

We put together lists of key terms and their equivalents in one or more foreign languages in order to ensure that our translations are always consistent.

Thanks to our expert partners, we can also provide specialist services such as:

  • Legal, tax and notarial advice
  • Corporate and certification advice
  • Desktop publishing
  • Printing
  • Editing
  • Corporate image services
  • Websites

This is just a small selection of our many services.

Our voice-over services are provided by carefully selected native speakers. The professional artists have proven experience and meet the very highest standards as they cater to all sound recording needs, such as adverts, corporate videos, tutorials and promotional slots on television.

We can organize cultural trips with food and wine evenings and shopping tours for visitors from other countries.

Proofreading services focus solely on the form and graphics. They do not include revision.

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