In order to give a prompt, fitting response to the many needs and requests of our clients, we have a team of experts located all over the globe who have been meticulously selected to satisfy our strict quality requirements.

It goes without saying that all of the members of our team are native speakers of their target languages, but they must be able to offer much more than that: qualifications, specialist skills and confidentiality are all essential attributes.

Depending on the type of service required, our best qualified expert is selected for each job. The team is coordinated by our project managers, who show unparalleled attention to detail and draw on all of the know-how and experience that they have built up over the years to provide clients with optimum solutions. The different stages in the working process are closely monitored in order to guarantee client satisfaction. We constantly keep track of how the work is progressing and we can give feedback to clients at any time.

All clients are unique and have their own specific needs. By acknowledging this fact and acting accordingly when providing our services, we add value that is highly appreciated by our clients. We analyse requests and then take appropriate action. For example, financial statements are translated by accountants or other experts in the field, technical manuals by engineers or other figures with significant technical know-how, and press releases by communication and marketing specialists. All translations are carefully revised by a person other than the translator in order to guarantee consistently high quality.

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